Immigration & EU Citizens

Watch! Protecting our EU citizens

EU citizens living in the UK need to apply for settled status to remain living here after the end of the Brexit transition/implementation period.  In these short fils, EU citizens living in Scotland together with some organisations who work with them, speak about some of the problems around settled status. Many are concerned about those who will miss out on this new status.

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland and others are calling for an automatic right of residence, and better information and support for EU citizens including legal advice.

Watch these short films about experiences of settled status:


A Guide to Your Rights for EEA/EU Citizens in Scotland

March 2019

This guide, written by JustRight Scotland for the Civil Society Brexit Project is packed with useful information on your rights now, during the transition period and after Brexit.

It includes info on rights to live and work in the UK, to healthcare, to vote, to benefits and to education.

The Guide is also available in Romanian here. 

And it is available in Polish here.

You can also read this guide in separate factsheets here:

Factsheet 1: Your right to reside

Factsheet 2: Your right to work

Factsheet 3:Your right to Benefits, Housing & Support

Factsheet 4: Your right to healthcare

Factsheet 5: Your right to vote

Factsheet 6: Your right to education


Brexit Explainer: EU Citizens Rights

A clear, no-nonsense explanation of the right of EU citizens to live in the UK after Brexit!  Presented by Dr Rebecca Zahn from Strathclyde University, this short film also includes some of the changes that organisations want to see to the new EU Settlement Scheme.


Civil Society Brexit Project Information

March 2019

Overview of content and concerns of Immigration Bill by Dr Rebecca Zahn, Strathclyde University

April 2018

Outlines what we know, and what we do not know yet, around the rights of EEA citizens in the UK post-Brexit