Human Rights

Civil Society Brexit Project Information

No deal and Human Rights

August 2019

A briefing from Human Rights Consortium Scotland around some of the implications of a no deal Brexit for the protection of human rights.

Brexit and Human Rights

April 2019

An accessible outline of what we know and what we don’t know yet around the ways in which Brexit may affect human rights.

Civil Society Brexit Project submission to Joint Committee on Human Rights

November 2017

Reporting on key concerns raised by civil society organisations in Scotland.

Civil Society Brexit Project paper to Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee

November 2017

Evidence to the Scottish Parliament Committee’s inquiry around the impact of Brexit on equality and human rights, highlighting some of the concerns of civil society organisations in Scotland.

Scotland Declaration on Human Rights

A joint statement on protecting and progressing human rights in the context of Brexit, supported by 200 civil society organisations.

Incorporation Station: Strengthening human rights law in Scotland

In December 2018, the First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership produced recommendations around how Scotland can continue to progress and not regress on rights if we leave the EU.  Recommendations include a new law that incorporates international economic, social, cultural and environmental rights into Scots law. At the same time, a Bill is being developed to incorporate the UNCRC into Scots law. The Human Rights Consortium Scotland ‘Incorporation Station’ pulls together resources and information around these plans to facilitate civil society’s engagement in their development.