About Us

Brexit is a big issue for every civil society organisation in Scotland.

It raises many questions:

  • what will replace EU funding?
  • how will organisations continue to connect across Europe?
  • how will we make sure that we do not regress on human rights?
  • what should happen to workers’ rights, environmental rights, women’s rights?
  • what about the rights of EU or EEA citizens, and those who rely on them for care?
  • how should devolution work if we are outside the EU?
  • how can civil society get their voice heard in the midst of Brexit debate and developments?

The Civil Society Brexit Project provides expert information, advice and insight to organisations in Scotland around Brexit.

We do this through:

  • producing accessible information resources
  • holding events and training throughout Scotland
  • providing advice on details of Brexit.

Contact us if you would be interested in training, advice or discussion around Brexit.

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Watch ‘Introducing the Civil Society Brexit Project’ here:

The Civil Society Brexit Project is a partnership between the Scottish Universities Legal Network on Europe (SULNE) and the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, funded by the Legal Education Foundation.

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland is a Charity Registered SCIO: SC050099

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